I ordered it in advance to receiving my Iphone XR, so I honestly wouldn’t know what the phone feels like without it.

I recently had a quote that allows for hands-on evaluation of ePrint-enabled printers. HP PhotoSmart Premium Cloud All-in-One C310 Printer. What I found was that HP's ePrint technology and iOS products were built on each other. The printing capabilities of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are actually smooth and fast.

The setup of this particular unit is very simple. Without research instructions or even quick start documentation, I opened the box, removed the device, removed all the tape and plastic used to protect the printer during shipping, put the print cartridge, and ejected the paper into the main paper. Disk, then place photo paper in the photo tray and turn on the device. There is a simple first time setup and the device will run automatically, which takes about six minutes to complete. When you follow the simple prompts on the vibrant built-in touchscreen display, I finally reach the point where I need to enter my network password. The printer is registered on the network and I am ready to swing.

Many print applications can be downloaded and placed directly on the printer. Use the "print application" without even having to start a personal computer or iOS gadget – in fact, looking for maps, recipes, news or weather forecasts is as easy as dialing a "print application" with a touch screen, then clicking if you need a paper version , please use the print button.

The next important element is the zero configuration print function. With a Mac, you still need to add printers using the Print and Fax System Preferences, but unless you need additional features [such as scanning, copying, etc.], there is no reason to add drivers or software. I would like to see Apple add the ability to automatically add these models to accessible devices on the Mac. On iOS products, the machine only appears in the collection of accessible models. The new PhotoSmart machine has just appeared in the collection of network models that my iPad and iPhone can access without any configuration.

Another major feature is the ability to print from almost anywhere. Every HP printer that has ePrint enabled has its own email address. When you register your machine on the Internet, every Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, PDF, and image [JPG, PNG, and other formats] files can be sent to a specific email address and can be sent in a short amount of time. Print on your printer. I can understand exactly that this is an ideal choice for people like my mother, who will not be able to use any type of computer. I can send her an email with pictures, recipes or even just a sweet idea that will be displayed on her printer so she can read and read.

The only content you can't currently print from email is the web page, but HP claims they are implementing a dedicated solution to help support printing web pages from mobile devices. The "Email Print" feature has a maximum attachment size – currently, 5 MB per email.

I was deeply impressed by the performance of the iPhone and iPad on this particular model. For example, whenever I print from Pages, I want to print out the "know" on standard 8-1 / 2 x 11-inch paper. Use the HP PhotoSmart Premium eC310 cartridge to print photos from a photo library, and the machine selects photo paper from the photo tray. Very neat.

The bumper does add some overall bulk to the device; however, it will protect your device from mild drops.

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