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Eight years ago, Apple introduced the iPhone, which changed the way people use and watch mobile phones. The era of smartphones has begun, and Apple has a first-mover advantage. However, their products are followed by Google, which launched Android, a "free" operating system that allows users to design, encode and write any type of application they want, and provides iOS. Many other features are not available.

Since then, the war between Android and iOS has continued, and the ongoing war is more intense than before, thanks to the addition of Windows Phone and more smartphone OS that has been developed and tried to eat Windows Phone for years. . Market share of Android and iOS.

The basis of war:

When the iPhone was launched, many people complained that Apple's environment for users was very limited. This is mainly because iOS doesn't allow you to copy songs without iTunes. It doesn't allow iPhones to connect to other Bluetooth devices unless they come from Apple and, most importantly, users can't adjust the system and make some changes. Make your experience better.

Considering these shortcomings of the iPhone, Google came up with the idea of ​​Android and their OS is as free as possible. The Google Play Store is a friendly environment where even new developers can live without spending money, and most students and other users who don’t want to spend too much money on their smartphones are Android users. The introduction of android brought about changes in the overall market structure. Within two years since the launch of the product, the focus has mainly been on Apple and Google.

The market war between the two giants also led to the withdrawal of BlackBerry and Nokia because they could not adapt to the changing trend. Microsoft did not get into the mobile market as expected, but as a major player in the operating system market, Windows Mobile is another strong competitor, and in the current situation, it has been accepted, according to famous reports. from

Mobile application development company.

The status quo of war:

Although many reports claim that Android has won the war, there are still many iPhone App Development providers who oppose it. Reports from companies in different regions vary, and after careful analysis of all the claims about the current state of war between Android and iOS users, you can see that the war has reached a deadlock, with about 80% retaining Android users. At the same time, 78% of iPhone users are retained.

Windows and other brands with their own operating systems currently do not have any significant growth rates, while new users using Android and iPhone are mostly users migrating from Windows.

So, about ten years after the war between the two mobile giants, we can finally say that the situation has been stagnant for the past two or three years and there are no obvious winners. If any platform brings huge changes, we can foresee changes in the future, but for now, the war is a bit cold and people are enjoying peacetime.

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